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is an award-winning list of top-quality lifeystle guides published by Anness Publishing

In 2011, Aquamarine is celebrating its 11th year as the prestigious, award-winning list of up-market lifestyle directories published under the Anness Publishing umbrella. This imprint was launched in 2000 and has continued to achieve success, developing a list of beautifully designed, illustrated books about cooking, gardening and making crafts.

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Aquamarine is sold and represented worldwide by a network of top sales agents and distributors:

In the UK, Aquamarine is sold by Book Trade Services (BTS). If you are a UK bookseller or wholesaler and you would like to know more about Aquamarine and what it can do for you, please contact Trevor Smith who will arrange for you to receive catalogues, a discount schedule and will make a visit to your shop or head office if you wish. Distribution in the UK is also via Book Trade Services (BTS); UK orders can be sent straight to BTS or via Trevor Smith.

In the USA and Canada, Aquamarine is sold and distributed by National Book Network, one of the top three specialist book sales groups in North America. This link will take you onto their site, which gives complete details of all Aquamarine titles in the USA and Canada, together with American and Canadian retail prices, and also contact details for representatives and agents throughout America and Canada, by region and by account.

In Australia, Aquamarine is sold and distributed by JOHN REED BOOK DISTRIBUTION, one of the leading names in publishing and book sales worldwide.

In New Zealand, Aquamarine is sold and distributed by David Bateman Publishing, the foremost local publishing and representation company in the region.

For details of Aquamarine exclusive representation in all other parts of the world, or for information about how to buy our books directly from us in the export market, hit this link to LORENZ EXPORT SALES.

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New Releases

Digital Photography, The Complete Illustrated Enc of by  Steve Luck  256 pages The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Swords and Sabres by  Harvey Withers  256 pages Running, The Complete Practical Enc of by  Elizabeth Hufton  256 pages Cycling, The Complete Practical Enc of by  Edward Pickering  256 pages 500 Cookies, Biscuits and Bakes by  Catherine Atkinson  256 pages Life in the Ancient World: A History of People and How they Live by  Charlotte Hurdman  Fiona Macdonald  John Haywood  Philip Steele  Richard Tames  512 pages Destroyers and Frigates, The World Enc of by  Bernard Ireland  256 pages Creating Cushions and Cushion Covers by  64 pages Lavender by  Tessa Evelegh  64 pages Vodka Cocktails by  Stuart Walton  64 pages