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How to Buy

If you wish to buy one of our titles on-line after viewing our book title information screens there are links provided to on-line retailers in the USA and UK. Your local bookshop should also be able to supply you with our titles. Please make a note of the isbn number before contacting them.

For other types of purchasing we have listed below the other ways of contacting us

Anness Contact Details

Head Office

Anness Publishing Ltd - Book Trade Services
Blaby Road
LE18 4SE
Telephone 0116 275 9060
Fax 0116 275 9090

London Office

Anness Publishing Ltd
108 Great Russell Street

How to Contact and Who to Contact

Trade Sales of Lorenz, Aquamarine and Southwater Books
For booksellers and wholesalers in the UK contact:
The Manning Partnership
For booksellers and wholesalers in the USA contact:
National Book Network
For booksellers and wholesalers in Australia contact:
For booksellers and wholesalers in New Zealand contact:
David Bateman
For booksellers and wholesalers in South Africa contact:
Trinity Books

For booksellers and wholesalers in the rest of the world contact our agents as follows:

South-East Asia, Africa, Indian Sub-Continent
Gunnar Lie & Associates

Scandinavia, Caribbean, Greece & Cyprus, The Netherlands
John Edgeler

France, Belgium, Eastern Europe, Italy, Malta, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Central & South America, Gibraltar
Guillaume Ferrand

Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Gabriele Kern

Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, China, Hong Kong
Lorie Ocampo

Ajay Parmar

Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Syria & Jordan
John Edgeler

If you are a Book Club, Direct Marketing Company, Mail Order Company Advertising Agency, Gift or Promotions Company or Corporation

Contact: Paul Anness in the Anness Special Sales Department

If you are a magazine looking for feature and photo-content material from our forthcoming publications

Contact: Joanna Lorenz

If you are a publisher or magazine wishing to licence photography for your own publications

Contact: Practical Pictures

Other Contacts

Send publishing submissions and ideas to: Joanna Lorenz

If you are a freelance designer, editor, indexer, stylist, or photographer and you would like to be considered for work, send details to:
The Editorial Department at the London Office Address

If you are interested in a job at Anness Publishing, go to: Vacancies

If you are a printer, contact: Ben Worley

If you are a Pre-press, IT supplier or have questions about this website please contact: Ben Worley

Website Information and help

Use any word in the title or the isbn to search for a book in the box above. The isbn entered should just be the ten digit number with no spaces. More than one word searches will work but must match the title exactly.

All books published in the last two years have extra information available

Sales to the general public in the UK and other English Language territories are through our UK distributor Book Trade Services.

For customers in the USA search for the book you want and follow the link for USA online sales via our USA distributor NBN.

New Releases

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